Solo Repertoire

J. S.Bach

French Suite no. 5 in G major BWV 816

Prelude and fugue in C minor WTC I

Prelude and fugue in E flat minor WTC I

Prelude and fugue in F minor WTC I

Prelude and fugue in G sharp minor WTC II

Keyboard Partita no. 4 in D major BWV 828


L. van Beethoven

Piano Sonata op. 10 no. 2 in F major

Piano Sonata op. 10 no. 3 in D major

Piano Sonata op. 31 no. 2 “the Tempest"

Piano Sonata op. 52 “Waldstein”

Piano Sonata op. 110 in A flat major

Rondo a Capriccio “Rage over a lost penny”

Selection from Bagatelles op. 33


J. Brahms

Drei Intermezzi op. 117



Les Moissonneurs, Les Barricades mystérieuses, Les Langueurs tendres, La Couperin, Les Ombres Errantes from "Pieces de Clavecin"


F. Chopin

Selected Etudes op. 10 and op. 25

Ballade no 3 op 47 in Ab major

Ballade no. 4 op. 52 in F minor

Scherzo no. 3 op. 49 in C sharp minor

Barcarolle op 60 in F sharp major

2 Nocturnes op 62

Nocturne op. 55 no. 2 in Eb major

Impromptu op. 36 in F sharp major

Piano Sonata no. 2 op. 35 in Bb minor

Mazurkas op. 30

Polonaise op. 26 no. 1 in C# minor

Polonaise op. 44 in F sharp minor

Selected Waltzes


C. Debussy

Images II

L'isle joyeuse

Selected preludes from Book II


G. Enescu

Pavane from the Piano Suite in D major op 10

Piano Sonata no. 1 in F# minor op. 24


A. Ginastera

Piano Sonata no. 1 op. 22 (1952)


J. Haydn

Piano Sonata in D major Hob XVI: 19

Variations in F minor


F. Liszt

Transcendental Etude “Wilde Jagd”

Transcendental Etude “Chasse-Neige”

Transcendental Etude “Harmonies du soir”

Sonata quasi una fantasia d'apres une lecture de Dante

“Miserere” from il Trovatore-Verdi transcription


G. Mishory

An Aeneas (du Nocturne) (2014)


W.A. Mozart

Piano Sonata in E flat major K 333

Piano Sonata in C major K 310

Piano Sonata in F major K533/494


P. Patterson

Hastings Toccata (2016)


S. Rachmaninoff

Etude in e flat minor


M. Ravel

Jeux d'eau

Ondine from Gaspard de la Nuit




Selected Keyboard Sonatas 


S. Sciarrino

Notturno no. 3 (1998)


F. Schubert

Selected Impromtus op. 90 and 142

Piano Sonata in A minor D 537 


I. Spassov

12 Bagatelles (1998)


A. Skriabin

Etude in c sharp minor

Piano Sonata no. 5


R. Schumann

Etudes Symphoniques op. 13

Kreisleriana op. 16

Fantasy in C major op. 17

Novelette no. 8 op. 21

Arabesque op. 18

Gesänge der Frühe op. 133

Selection from Kinderszenen op. 15


P. Vasks

Summer Evening Music

White Scenery

Grenn Scenery

Piano Concertos

L. van Beethoven

Piano Concerto in G major no. 4 op. 58


F. Chopin

Piano Concerto no. 2 in F minor op. 21


W. A. Mozart

Piano Concerto in E flat major no. 9 K 271 “Jeunehomme”

Piano Concerto in A major no. 12 K 414

Piano Concerto in E flat major no. 14 K 449

Piano Concerto in A major no. 23 K 488

Piano Concerto in Bb major no. 27 K595


S. Prokofiev

Piano Concerto no. 2 in G minor op. 16

Piano Concerto no. 3 in C major op. 26


M. Ravel

Piano Concerto in G major


R. Schumann

Piano Concerto in A minor op. 52

Chamber Music 

L. van Beethoven

Piano and Violin Sonata no. 1in D major op. 12/1

Piano and Violin Sonata no. 3 in Eb major op. 12/3

Piano and Violin Sonata no. 5 op. 24 "Spring"

Piano and Violin Sonata no. 8 in G major op. 30/3

Piano Trio op. 1 no. 3 in C minor


J. Brahms

Piano Quintet in F minor op. 34

Liebesliederwalzer for 4 hands

Sonata for Piano and Violin no.1 op. 78


A/ Dvorak

Piano Quartet no. 2 in G major

Piano Quintet op. 81 in A major


P. Hindemith

Piano and Viola sonata op. 11/3


W. A. Mozart

Piano Trio in G major K 564

Piano Quartet in G minor K 478

Piano and Violin Sonata in E flat major K 481

Piano Quintet K542 for piano, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and horn


F. Mendelssohn

Piano Trio in D minor op. 49


R. Schumann

Adagio and Allegro for Piano and Cello

Piano Quintet op. 44

Marchenbilder op.113 for piano and viola

Marchenerzahlungen op. 132 for piano, clarinet and viola



S. Rachmaninoff

Vocalise for Piano and Cello

Sonata for Piano and Cello in G minor op. 19


P. Vasks

Little Summer Music


The Fruit of Silence


K. M. von Weber

Piano Trio in G minor op. 63